We manage your preconstruction. You win more projects.

Mason moves preconstruction to the fast lane. With our easy, innovative, on demand process you can free yourself from data entry and other non-money making activities. Invest your freed up time to grow your business and book more jobs.

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How it works

Step ONE

Upload your project plan

Upload your plans into your builder dashboard.

Step TWO

Step TWO

Review results

Our team and AI-powered technology do the heavy lifting. You review, approve and win more jobs.

  • Scopes of work

  • Quantity takeoffs

  • Bid packages for each trade

  • One click supplies RFQ



Email or text bid packages, RFQs and plan files with your subcontractors and vendors in one click.

Preconstruction in the fast lane

Mason expedites your preconstruction by taking care of the data entry, followups and bid leveling that is typically the majority of preconstruction work. You simply view the results and make decisions.

Dedicated, expert support

Mason’s preconstruction managers are all industry experts with extensive experience in both residential and commercial projects of all sizes and scopes.

Win more jobs

An average contractor can bid 1-2 jobs per week. With Mason preconstruction there is just no limit.

Focus on building

With a dedicated preconstruction team you can shift your focus to bidding more jobs and growing your business while taking preconstruction stress off your plate - for good.

Level up

We’ve adopted best practices from leading construction companies and systemized their processes with modern technology. Made simple & available for you to level up and scale.

Expand your project types

Wanted to get into a new realm but felt stuck or overwhelmed? Now you can confidently bid on any project like a pro.

Your team without the hiring

Save thousands on overhead, workers comp, payroll and liability by outsourcing to experts.

Level up overnight

Whether you’re an independent contractor or a large firm, our preconstruction services allows you to level up without extra overhead and liability.

Mason clears my plate, allowing me to focus on company growth.  So I’m helping my entire company while Mason is working for me.

Albert Flores


Mason saved my business. I wish I had this five years ago!

Cameron Williamson

General Contractor

I’m uncomfortable with change to the way I do things. Mason made the process SOOO easy and simple. Now its become the only way I start projects.

Darrell Steward

General Contractor, Developer

Not only was it fast and efficient but the reports and leveling sheets look amazing. Made me look super professional to my project owners.

Guy Hawkins

Construction Manager


How does pricing work?

Our pricing is simple. With our on demand, interactive menu you can customize your orders.  By only paying for the services you need you get custom tailored results at cost-effective prices. See our pricing page for more details.

What does preconstruction include?

Plan analysis/takeoffs, scope sheets for all trades, bid leveling, project forecasts, reports, proposals and more.

Who Is this for?

Mason is for any construction person needing assistance or needing to level up their company. Or simply looking to free up time to bid more projects.

Is support included? Can I ask questions?

Yes. Mason provides ongoing support as well as a dedicated preconstruction team. Feel free to call, text or email anytime.

What trades can you handle?

Any construction trades. Whether it’s drywall, concrete, low voltage, electrical -  you name it, we can do it.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

No. Because we assign you a human you do not have to have any technology knowledge. Your preconstruction team will upload, prepare and deliver all the results in a simple format.

Are you an estimator?

No, we are more than just an estimator. Mason helps you put together your project by taking on all the preconstruction tasks.

What are the requirements to start with Mason?

Send us your project for an instant quote to get started.

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